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Our videos, sorted by series.

Understanding Money

ep Description Link
1 An essay exploring the history and evolution of money, tracing its origins from barter systems to the development of coins and currency. Examining how economic systems have influenced the perception and usage of money in contemporary society. Rumble
2 Delve into the psychological aspects of consumer behavior and spending habits. Uncover the influences that drive our financial decisions and how advertisers use psychology to impact our choices. Rumble
3 Take a behind-the-scenes look at the banking industry. Explore how banks operate, the role of central banks, and the mechanisms that govern the global financial system. Rumble

Investing Basics

ep Description Link
1 An essay exploring the fundamental principles of investing, from understanding the concept of risk to exploring different asset classes, providing viewers with a solid foundation for their investment journey. Rumble
2 This essay explores the fundamental tools and strategies necessary for successful investing, focusing on concepts like diversification, asset allocation, and the power of compounding to construct a resilient investment portfolio. Rumble
3 Breaking down the complexities of stocks and bonds, this episode offers insights into how these instruments work, their potential returns, and the risks involved. Viewers will gain confidence in navigating the stock and bond markets. Rumble

Introduction to Science

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1 An essay exploring the essence of science, unraveling its core principles, and examining its role in shaping our understanding of the world. Rumble
2 Embark on a captivating journey through the history of scientific discovery, highlighting pivotal moments and groundbreaking figures who paved the way for our current scientific understanding. Rumble
3 Unlock the vocabulary of science as we demystify scientific terms and language. From hypothesis to theory, and variables to constants, we break down complex concepts to enhance your fluency in the language of science. Rumble

Introduction to Engineering

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1 An exploration of the essential principles and historical context of engineering, shedding light on its diverse branches and influential figures. Rumble
2 An essay exploring the systematic approach engineers take to solve problems via the engineering design process. Rumble
3 Explore the fascinating world of mechanical engineering, showcasing incredible machines and devices that have shaped the modern world. From gears and levers to complex systems, gain an appreciation for the ingenuity behind everyday and extraordinary mechanical creations. Rumble

Introduction to World Order

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1 Explore the fundamental principles that shape world order, delving into the historical context that laid the groundwork for global governance. From ancient civilizations to modern diplomacy, trace the evolution of the international system. Rumble
2 Explore the concept of balance of power and its historical significance in shaping global politics. Analyze strategic alliances among nations to maintain equilibrium and stability on the world stage. Rumble
3 Explore the art of diplomacy and its impact on international relations. Highlighting key diplomatic events, this episode showcases negotiations, treaties, and conflicts that have shaped the geopolitical landscape. Rumble


Miscellaneous video essays.

ep Description Link
  Automated Weaving: Unraveling the Costs and Benefits Rumble
  Create Space for Success Rumble
  Guardians of Global Stability Rumble
  The Strategic Paradox: Nuclear Weapons and Global Peace Rumble
  Biological Weapons: Unraveling the Inherent Risks and the Shadow of Laboratory Leaks Rumble


Our writings, sorted by topic.

Effective Semantics

Type Title Link
brief Introduction Read
paper Shape Types as Digital Images Read
paper Shape Types Have Operations Read


Type Title Link
brief What to Know About CryptoCurrency Read
paper CryptoBars: An Approach to Stable Wartime Currency Read


Type Title Link
brief The Data Factory Read
brief The Internet of Actors Read


These are things I published myself.


To Title Link
Amazon A Warning About Financial Problems Read
  A Trillion Reasons for Change Read
Disney Without Respect We Reject Read
WarnerMedia A Warning About Bigotry Read
  Remembering How to Dream Read


Topic Title Link
math Wishes, Ultrawishes, and Infinity Read
science Musing About Quasars Read
compsci The Curry-Howard Square Read
compsci Hypothesizing AI Read
compsci Data, the Ballerina Read
compsci Data-Driven Narratives Read
politics What Is Multipolarity? Read
politics Dominance in the Multipolar World Order Read
politics Strong Populism Read
politics Convergent Justice vs Ringing Injustice Read
politics Understanding Woke Through the Lens of Malnarrative Read