To Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia


I was fired by WarnerMedia in October 2019 for asking why men don’t receive equal treatment in the WarnerMedia workplace. Misandry is unfortunately common in Hollywood.

Institutionalized misandry can destroy a company:

Kathleen Kennedy’s misandry throughout her leadership of Star Wars has not only cost Disney billions in financial underperformance, at a time the company is facing massive layoffs and government scrutiny, her actions caused an on-going boycott rallied under four words that should give any executive pause – “Without Respect, We Reject”

It’s easy to name examples at WarnerMedia:

  • The underperformance of Birds of Prey vs Sonic the Hedgehog; or
  • the brewing boycott against Aquaman 2, due to WarnerMedia’s continued employment of Amber Heard who abused Johnny Depp during their marriage and then falsely accused Mr Depp.

When WarnerMedia is ready to understand the role that institutional misandry plays in recent financial underperformance, I’m available to help educate executives on misandry, men’s rights, and how bigotries in the workplace lead to financial underperformance.

At Your Service,

Z. Michael Gehlke