We’ll set out a framework to understand why the US is regressing on the issue of organized bigotry. We’ll explore that issue by comparing two proposed solutions and in doing so, expose the modern mythology driving a return to bigotry.

Return of Organized Bigotry

We’re seeing a rise in racist and sexist policy in the US, compared to the relative equality of the 1990s and early 2000s. This has amounted to constructing a racist and sexist spoils system which privileges certain groups – and in doing so, has driven divisions within the US.

Anyone familiar with the trajectory of the US from 2010 to present is aware that systemic bigotry against Asians, Jews, Whites, and men has permeated education, business, and government. There have been numerous lawsuits against this bigotry, one of which focuses on the discrimination that Asians have faced at universities such as Harvard and UNC.

For a discussion of the malnarrative used to effect this change, see here.

As a Continuation of Bigotry

However, this return towards bigotry is driven by a political party which for over 150 years has fought civil rights at every turn:

  • Democrats fought for slavery during the Civil War
  • Democrats formed the KKK after being defeated in that war
  • Democrats implemented the Jim Crow policies which continued systemic racism
  • Democrats fought the Civil Rights movements, which disassembled their Jim Crow bigotry
  • Democrats created a racist quota system, which was ruled illegal by the US Supreme Court
  • Democrats refused to accept that ruling, euphemizing the racist quote system as “affirmative action”
  • Democrats have escalated that illegal bigotry into the modern Jim Crow 2.0

Throughout this entire period, including in the present day, Democrats have supported systems of bigotry – which shifting their justifications to fit the fashion of the times. Most recently (as discussed at the link above), they’ve perverted the language of civil rights into a modern defense of their “White Man’s Burden”.

Dissecting the Pretense

We’ll now explore the modern incarnation of their bigot apologetics: the claim that we must join them in viewing the world as defined by race and sex and that we must join them in active systemic bigotry to reduce bigotry! This is defective in two ways:

  • that view normalizes the debunked bigotry of race and sex essentialism, where people are ascribed to tribes based on race and sex
  • that practice creates a “ringing” because attempts to balance race and sex tribes has an inherent latency

In practice, proponents of that view are advocating for an endless cycle of bigotry:

“The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

  • Ibrim X Kendi

These proponents claim that such solutions which use active discrimination are based on “systems thinking”. But this is obviously false:

  • no analysis of higher order effects are shown, such as the fact that normalizing bigotry perpetuates bigotry in society
  • no analysis of system convergence versus ringing, showing that they haven’t performed any systemic analysis of their mechanism at all

That lack of actually engaging in systems thinking to justify their racism reveals what this is: a shallow pretense for their existing Asian-hate and Jew-hate and man-hate. This is the modern equivalent of suggesting that biology (such as evolutionary theory) justifies their “White Man’s Burden” – a misappropriation of scientific thought to justify their existing bigoted notions.

We can see that this school of neo-bigotry had no place in the US Civil Rights movement, neither in the equality of Martin Luther King nor the independence of Malcolm X. Rather, it’s appropriating the language of civil rights to justify a continuation of Democrat bigotry.


We must solve this problem in two parts: removing the rot and replacing the mechanism.

Removing the Rot

We should again engage with police and courts to prosecute those who engage in illegal bigotry, similar to the dismantling of the KKK for violating Civil Rights laws. RICO and similar legal frameworks provide serious consequences for business leaders who caused substantial losses to their companies engaging in this illegal conduct at the behest of a network of organized bigots or the party of racism, Democrats.

Further, we must end the Democrats which for 150 years have engaged in illegal conduct time and again to perpetuate their hateful ideology. The US has been patient enough in tolerating their organized hate – and it’s time for them to be driven from the halls of power wholesale. They have shown in both word and deed that they have no intention of ending their illegal discrimination (eg, continuing illegal quota systems under euphemisms): we must take them at their word and ban such organized hate.

Replace the Mechanism

We must them remove all of the race and sex based privilege programs, to end organized bigotry in our system. These must be replaced with individual need focused programs, without respect to protected characteristic. Instead of focusing on skin-level “diversity” (race, sex, etc) we must return to a culture which is inclusive of genuine diversity: geographic, class, viewpoint, etc.