Dear WarnerMedia,

I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a child and am deeply saddened by your foray into institutional bigotry. I tried to work with you, to set you up as a leader in the business community – but alas, you chose bigotry and illegal retaliation instead.

I hope you choose to do better.

To say WarnerMedia has not been successfully managed the past few years is an understatement, but what underlies this problem?

Drive by Ideology Over Quality

We know that WarnerMedia can be successful when they’re motivated to – films such as Joker and Dune show the potential of the studio. However, WarnerMedia has adopted a destructive ideology that damages its brand and leads it into not living up to that potential, instead focusing on the bigotries of senior leadership. This focus on what has been dubbed “The Message” by critics has destroyed the quality of WarnerMedia’s work. Fans are growing tired of studios which focus on their own biases and bigotries instead of producing quality products – and the results above show that. These hateful and destructive ideologies have ruined properties (eg, DCEU) which otherwise would drive much needed revenue to the studio.

With Leadership Driving That Bigotry

WarnerMedia executives have retaliated against staff seeking equal rights, even as they support known abusers such as Amber Heard and Ezra Miller. This shows a clear drive from the top to embrace this ideology, which has ruined the studio. Further, WarnerMedia celebrates the existence of race- and sex-based tribes within the company, which further divide the staff and lead to these poor results. One need only look at their disgraceful treatment of male victims such as Johnny Depp while embracing the abusers noted above to see the deep-seated bigotry of the company. And anyone with even a passing familiarity with corporate politics knows such major decisions stem from the executive team.

Escalation Into Terrorism

Unfortunately, bigotry is not the only problem facing WarnerMedia at present. The same toxic ideology has motivated WarnerMedia properties (eg, CNN) to openly support fascists – from the modern Brownshirts burning dozens of US cities in 2020 to the poisoning of Americans with an adulterated biologic to sheltering Anthony Fauci from accusations of crimes against humanity. WarnerMedia has taken on the worst aspects of the Nazi propagandists, spewing their hateful rhetoric across properties and supporting atrocities both in the US and abroad.

With Serious Consequences

Former WarnerMedia owner AT&T had to sell WarnerMedia out of their conglomerate for a substantial loss due to this misconduct. The double-whammy of espousing bigotry over quality (eg, failing to replicate Joker’s success, Aquaman and Harry Potter boycotts due to misandry) and espousing terrorism has destroyed the brand in the eyes of many Americans. WarnerMedia has already had to fire the executives of their studio and of subsidiaries such as CNN – but has failed to cut out the rotten ideology driving those failures. The entire business has been on a decline due to this. Further, it’s too soon to say what consequences will happen due to embracing the fascism of Democrats and crimes against humanity of Anthony Fauci.

Moving Forward

To restore their success WarnerMedia will need to take a serious of tough steps:

  1. Rebuild a culture of quality, taking cues from Japanese companies (who did not suffer these same losses) in their ruthless focus on customer satisfaction. Properties which demean or belitted customers can no longer be tolerated.
  2. Embrace a culture of equality, ending the special programs based on race, sex, sexual orientation, or other protected class. Such institutional bigotry rots the company and seeps into products, turning off Americans who detest bigotry.
  3. Remember your place in society, to entertain and delight audiences. This core mission of a media company has been lost at WarnerMedia, due to the internal politicking of zealots.

WarnerMedia will not recover until the necessary cuts and reforms are made – which the current leadership isn’t addressing. See the recent propaganda pieces featuring Anthony Fauci who pretends questioning his misconduct is wrongful. Continued fascism will lead to continued failure.

I hope the leadership of WarnerMedia chooses the right thing for their community and for their shrareholders – your current behavior is unacceptable. When you’re ready to make change, I’m available to help.

At Your Service,

Z Michael Gehlke