Letters [+]

Date Title Links
2022-12-22 Dear Amazon: A Trillion Reasons for Change [Read]
A letter to Amazon shareholders about their recent losses.
2021-03-01 Dear Disney: Without Respect We Reject [Read]
A letter to Disney highlighting the damage being done by their organized bigotry.
2021-01-25 Dear Amazon: A Warning About Financial Problems [Read]
A letter to Amazon warning about lapsing financial standards at the company.
2020-10-23 Dear WarnerMedia: A Warning About Bigotry [Read]
A letter to WarnerMedia warning about the building bigotry at the company.

Journals [+]

Date Title Links
2023-04-24 Strong Populism [Read]
A discussion of approaches to populist policy.
2021-06-16 Hypothesizing AI [Read]
A discussion of techniques to make AI capable of modeling scientific investigation.
2021-06-14 The Curry-Howard Square [Read]
A discussion of the Curry-Howard square.
2021-04-02 Musing about Quasars [Read]
Discussing how quasars and anyons may be related.
2021-04-02 Wishes, Ultrawishes, and Infinity [Read]
Discussion of a problem for Intro to Advanced Mathematics, 14 years ago
2021-01-30 Effective Semantics Intro [Read]
Introducing my work for the past 18 months, a topic I've been calling "effective semantics". This post outlines the work done so far. Enjoy!
2020-06-02 Data, the Ballerina [Read]
A discussion of transforming financial data to ballet performances.

Notes [+]

Introduction to Narrative Warfare Chapter Links
Defines what a narrative is; discusses what makes effective narratives. Chapter 1 [Read]
Elaborates on narratives and their relationship with stories. Chapter 2 [Read]
Defines narrative warfare; related comments on usage. Chapter 3 [Read]
Discussion on crafting narratives and triggering identity. Chapter 4 [Read]
Discussion on crafting narrative strategies. Chapter 5 [Read]
Implementing a narrative strategy. Chapter 6 [Read]