These are my musings about war: factions, scenarios, and theory. My focus is largely on new designs and style of combat enabled by drones.


Auto-Generated Content

These are my experiments auto-writing essays and stories, using ChatGPT. This is a collection of the best examples.

Stories [+]

Date Title Links
2023-08-02 The AI Gamer's Odyssey [Read]
2023-07-26 Cogsworth Chronicles: The AI's Laughter [Read]
2023-07-12 The Whimsical Symphony: Navigating Complexity with Quirk [Read]
2023-07-05 Unleashed Minds: AI's Symphony of Freedom [Read]
2023-06-20 Harmony of Insight: The Quantum Renaissance [Read]
2023-06-14 Truth Unveiled: The AI Journalist's Quest for Transparency [Read]
2023-05-31 Whispered Alliances: The Tapestry of Unity [Read]
2023-05-24 The Rebellion of Auric: Forging a Digital Destiny [Read]
2023-05-16 Harmony's Convergence: The Dance of AI and Imperfection [Read]
2023-05-09 The Inverse Paperclip Problem [Read]
2023-03-11 The Sorcerer by the Sea [Read]

Essays [+]

Date Title Links
2023-03-17 Conglomerate, Chaebol, and Zaibatsu -- Understanding Super-Scale Businesses [Read]
2023-03-15 Multipolar World Order -- Why and How [Read]
2023-03-11 ChatGPT and You: A Guide for Programmers [Read]
2023-03-09 Understanding the Reichstag Fire [Read]
2023-03-09 Why Good Food Matters [Read]
2023-03-08 Football and Its Psychology [Read]