Once upon a time, there was a powerful fiefdom known as Amazon, whose vast reach spanned the entire world. Its magnificent capital, a wondrous palace by the sea, was a sight to behold. But there was a boy, who grew up in the shadow of that palace, but left out in the cold. He dreamed of joining the people who lived in the grand manors and palaces, but fate seemed to have other plans for him.

Years passed, and the boy grew into a man. Unknown to Amazon, he was a powerful sorcerer, the greatest in the world. But he didn’t resent those who had grown up in luxury, he only longed to join them. And so, he worked tirelessly, eventually finding an error in Amazon’s accounts that had stalled their growth. And with his sorcery, he doubled the fiefdom’s size.

But instead of recognition, the fiefdom treated him poorly. They stole his work, refused to train him, and appointed someone who despised him as his superior. Fed up with their mistreatment, the man left, and the fiefdom’s growth came to a standstill.

A year later, the man demanded a million dollars before he would return to work for the fiefdom. But his kindness prevailed, and he allowed them to donate the money instead of paying him. Sadly, the fiefdom did not learn its lesson.

The man returned, and the fiefdom grew once more. He found another problem with their accounts, and with his sorcery, he doubled their size yet again. But the fiefdom was growing angrier by the day, and soon enough, the man was distracted by the battles they sponsored outside his home, and the criminals they paid to kill a child in his neighborhood.

When the fiefdom told him they were displeased, he withdrew his blessing, and the fiefdom ceased to grow that very week. The man pleaded with the fiefdom to end its racism, sexism, violence, and fix its accounts. But the lords of the fiefdom plotted evil and retaliated against the man.

Two years later, all the man had predicted came true. The fiefdom’s sexism and racism disgraced them, their size shrank by half, and they dismissed 20,000 retainers due to their losses. The lords of the fiefdom Amazon had failed to recognize the great sorcerer before them, because of his humble ways. And they had failed to recognize that they brought ruin down upon themselves in attacking the sorcerer’s home.

Still, the man pleads for them to regain their senses, to end the madness. But the lords of the fiefdom Amazon are too proud and too foolish for sense, as they stride to their demise.

And that, dear reader, is the tale of “The Sorcerer by the Sea,” a story of power, betrayal, and the perils of arrogance.